Palgrave Macmillan The New Ottoman Greece in History and Fiction

This book explores the increasing interest in Ottoman past in contemporary Greek society and its cultural sphere. It considers how changing geo political balances in South East Europe since 1989 have offered an occasion to re


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Springer Henry Home, Lord Kames, and the Scottish Enlightenment: A Study

The purpose of the present study is to life and work thought of a remarkable pioneering figure on Scottish scene over middle half, broadly, of eighteenth century, in their dynamic relations with that most extraordinary


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Palgrave Macmillan The Afro Modernist Epic and Literary History

Analyzing the poets Melvin B. Tolson, Langston Hughes, and Amiri Baraka, this study charts Afro Modernist epic. Within context of Classical traditions, early 20th century American modernist long poems, griot of West


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OUP Oxford Jesus and the Chaos of History

In Jesus and the Chaos of History, James Crossley looks at way earliest traditions about interacted with a context of social upheaval ways in which this historical chaos of early first century led to a range of ideas


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University of Washington Press Gender and Assimilation in Modern Jewish

Paula Hyman broadens and revises earlier analyses of Jewish assimilation, which depicted the Jews as though they were all men, by focusing on women domestic as well as public realms. Surveying accommodations to new conditions


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Cambridge University Press Pericles and the Conquest of History

As the most famous and important political leader in Athenian history, Pericles has featured prominently in descriptions analysis of democracy from antiquity to present day. Although contemporary historians have tended to treat hi


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University Press of Colorado Religion, History, and Place in the Origin

This volume explores the role of religion and ritual in origin of settled life in Middle East, focusing on repetitive construction of houses or cult buildings in same place. Prominent archaeologists, anthropologists, scholars o


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Springer A Brief History of Blood and Lymphatic Vessels

This book provides a comprehensive account of vascular biology and pathology its significance for health disease. It systematically chronologically explains how we came to our current understanding of the vasculature it s function


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SAGE Publications, Inc Event History and Survival Analysis

Social scientists are interested in events and their causes. Although histories ideal for studying of events, they typically possess two features censoring time varying explanatory variables that create major problems


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Springer Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals

creation no falsification Tl rejected etc. Figure 1 1 delivers such a result that the theory must be seen as an extension of Popper's rational proce discarded. In this way we come at same time dure for eliminatio


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