The History of Whoo Jinyulhyang Essential Massage Mask, masque visage

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Cette crème aide à améliorer la texture de votre peau en l’hydratant et la raffermissant.Utilisation : 1. Appliquez le toner sur l’ensemble de visage après l'avoir soigneusement nettoyé.2. Étalez le produit de et utilisez un instrument de massage pour masser visage, ses contours et cou.3. Après 10 15 minutes de pose, retirez le en utilisant des mouchoirs.


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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Hydrating Foam Cleanser 180ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. A foam cleanser cleanses off dirt in pores tightens enlarged pores. It also delivers moisture offers calming benefit through Camellia. How to use: 1. Lightly moisten face squeeze a pearl size amount into the palm of hand. 2. Lather well apply to entire in circular motions. 3. Rinse thoroughly.


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The History of Whoo Spa Essence Rinse 350ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Makes your hair to be smoother, healthier, tangle free with shininess. How to use: 1. After shampoo, apply a proper amount to massage lightly. 2. 2 3minutes later, wash warm water.


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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Essential Sun Base 45ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Benefits: Provides the benefits of base makeup sunscreen with UV filter of SPF50 PA . Its light texture helps to boost skin hydration leaving a luminous dewy look after application. How to use: 1. Apply a proper amount evenly on face basic care routine. 2. Layer up on areas like cheekbones nose bridge for better UV protection.


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Dr.Select Excelity Placenta Deep Scalp Essence EX 80ml

Brand from Japan: Dr.Select. Containing high concentrated placenta extract, capixir, ridensil, mulberry various other functional ingredients. With a pleasant refreshing sensation plenty of moisture, it leads to a soft scalp filled with elasticity, nurtures healthy hair. . How to use: 1. From 5 10 cm away, spray directly to several times. 2. After applying, lightly massage entire belly of finger. 30You can it for towel dry hair, or after shampoo.


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Paul & Joe Fondant Cream Emulsion Foundation SPF 25 PA 104 30g

Brand from France: Paul & Joe. A foundation with the smoothest finish ever created highest coverage in & history. Firmly covers worrisome pores, skin unevenness, color to a skin. Although it has a rich body, it melts gently moment you touch it, spreads surprisingly lightly comfortably. It a firm covering power, yet does not feel burdensome, a comfortable texture that makes enchanted every time it. By blending a large amount of oil luster, it gives


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The History of Whoo Cheongidan Radiant Cleansing Foam 200ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. Benefits: This cleansing foam detoxifies lifts away impurities while soothing the skin. Offers moisturizing effects with Ginseng Oil. Leaves a nourishing finish after cleansing. How to use: 1. Pump 2 3 time onto your palms rub between hands to create foam. 2. Gently massage face, rinse warm water.


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The History of Whoo Gongjinhyang, mousse nettoyante 180 ml

Brand from South Korea: The History of Whoo. L’excellent pouvoir hydratant protège votre peau après le nettoyage. Utilisation : 1. Créez la quantité de mousse souhaitée en frottant le produit entre vos mains. 2. Appliquez la sur le visage en effectuant un massage puis rincez abondamment à l’eau chaude.


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Ottie Cicacera 83 Solution Toner 200ml

Brand from South Korea: Ottie. Benefits: A versatile toner that moisturizes soothes irritated skin. Infused with 45% centella asiatica extract 1,000ppm witch hazel to leave your moisturized smooth. Enriched ceramide complex panthenol to fortify barrier. How to use: Use after cleansing. Apply a moderate amount of directly fingertips or soak a cotton pad wipe on face.


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Salomon Cross 2 in 1 Shorts AW22 Navy Blue mens Large

Salomon Cross 2 in 1 Shorts Feel great on the trail, at gym, or during any high output activity with 2 in 1 Shorts. The stretchy inner boxer brings more comfort and coverage. outer is made from quick drying recycled polyester. While features like zipped pocket hook keep them versatile. Utilising a combination of breathable fabrics, shorts will you cool throughout your training. Featuring ultra light AdvancedSkin ActiveDry fabric, 2 in 1 have exceptional


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