Routledge Women in Sports History

Women are, and have been for many years, actively involved as players, supporters co ordinators in a range of sports yet they often missing from, or sidelined in, accounts of history of these sports. Commenting first on


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Springer Synthesis and Vaccine Evaluation of Tumor Associated Carbohydrate

This thesis focuses on synthesis and vaccine evaluation of prostate tumor associated carbohydrate antigen RM2. The author first presents of [1 2 3] one pot sequential strategy to successfully synthesise its


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The History Press Titanic and the Californian

Ninety five years ago, as the Titanic slowly sank, a 'mystery' ship was seen as she slipped below waves. Thinking it would be their salvation, rockets were fired from to attract ship, but to no avail. With 1,500 souls on


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Routledge From Nation Building to State

This book examines the history of nation building during era of decolonization and Cold War, on more recent post 9 11 pursuit of in what have become known as 'collapsed' or 'failed' states.


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Ysl Yves Saint Laurent All Hours Foundation (Various Shades) LW1 MC2

Achieve flawless looking coverage from day to night with Yves Saint Laurent’s All Hours Foundation, a matte fluid foundation offering up to 24 hour long wear. The innovative waterproof and transfer resistant formula is comprised of a rich level of fine pigments, creating full, even while remaining lightweight comfortable on the skin. A skincare complex SPF20 UV filter nourishes protects. With no need touch ups, oil free helps to minimise appearance


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Palgrave Macmillan Feminist Media History

Highlighting the contributions of feminist media history to studies and related disciplines, this book focuses on periodicals emerging from or reacting to Edwardian suffrage campaign situates them in context of current d


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Springer Paraoxonase (PON1) in Health and Disease

The paraoxonase or PON family of genes resides on human chromosome 7q2t 22 in the order PONt, PON3 and PON2. was one of early identified as an environmentally relevant gene, in that it is important in determining an individual's sen


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Cambridge University Press The New History of the Bible: Volume 1, From

Recent years have witnessed significant discoveries of texts and artefacts relevant to the study of Old New Testaments remarkable shifts in scholarly methods of study. The present volume mirrors increasing specialization of


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JASON Men's Hydrating 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner 335ml

Ideal for those with dry or fine hair types, the JASON Men’s Hydrating 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner delivers a surge of moisture as it cleanses of impurities. The fuss free formula is powered by a blend of ocean minerals eucalyptus, working together to hydrate clarify hair. Suitable use as part of your daily shower ritual, 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner leaves feeling refreshed.


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Bloomsbury Academic From a Photograph

Throughout its early history, photography's authenticity was contested and challenged: how true a representation of reality can a provide? Does reproduction of a affect value as or not? From a Photograph


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